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Our Story

The story of how Capital Countertops, Inc. came to be is not so different from many other businesses. We saw an opportunity to offer people affordable, professional, and high-quality services as well as products without the hassle and hurdles homeowners often face when trying to renovate their homes.

Ergo, with over 20 years of industry experience and a little starting cash, Capital Countertops opened the doors to our showroom and has been providing clients with valuable guidance and expertise in home remodeling projects since.

It continues to be our first and foremost objective to help our invaluable clients find the best solution for their home improvement projects while adhering to their time and budgetary constraints. Providing excellent service and quality for your precious time and hard-earned money — put simply, it’s what we do.

Whether you’re looking to add some extra heft to your home’s property value or hoping to install the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, we can help! Fitting your goals and objectives for your home to a realistic time frame and budget is what we do, so if you are curious and want us to quote an estimate on your project, send us an email or give us a call today!

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